Benefits we can all agree on.


Drones are “stuck” on the tracks.

So windy days, low battery, malfunctions, flying near airports won’t be a problem.


Use of cameras won’t be necessary during travel on the tracks.

We envision that only specialized drones (like emergency and security) would be allowed to use their cameras.

Less Noise

Instead of using their propellers, our drones use a motor-driven wheel axle to travel. The result: a lot less noise.

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The weight of the drone and its package rests entirely on the tracks. No energy needed to keep aloft.


Customers to E-commerce, Mailing Services, Food Delivery, etc.

Custom Schedule

You dictate when and where your packages are delivered.

Not the delivery company.

And say goodbye to porch pirates.

Anyone can Ship

  • Families can send and receive gifts to each other
  • Small businesses can offer free shipping without a minimum purchase amount.
  •  Local restaurants can offer free delivery without a 3rd party company.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your package in real-time and get alerts on when the package will soon arrive.


The Perfect Temperature

Our boxes keep items at their intended temperature.

No more melted ice cream or lukewarm coffee.


Businesses that grow with E-commerce and Logistics

Customer Satisfaction

Offer a wider selection of your products online (like your entire stock).

Offer delivery to customers located farther away.

Free Shipping, Free Returns

Offer free shipping without a minimum purchase amount. Offer free and easy returns. Always, not just on holidays.

Worker & Customer Safety

COVID-19 has everyone scrambling to keep clean, stay safe, and order delivery. But how safe is drive-up pickup and contact-less delivery?

With our system, boxes can be sanitized at lockers. Rovers can deliver packages.

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New Ad Strategy

Try a new way to reach your customers. “Flying ads” zoom around on the rails. You can customize the streets to travel and times that your ads are shown.

Cut costs & fraud

Businesses can track packages and receive proof of delivery straight from customers. The result: Fewer stolen packages and less cases of fraud.


Redefining city life

Job Creation

A $648 million construction project for a city.

Courier jobs for local workers.

Boost the local economy by helping small business compete by lowering shipping costs.

Less Traffic, Less Cardboard

Reduce the number of delivery trucks in the cities.

Reusable boxes means less one-time-use materials.

Less Theft, More Convenience

Prevent porch pirate thefts with delivery based on the customer’s schedule.

Urban Organization

The tracks provide predictable behavior for drones. Just like how you expect a car to drive on the road, not your sidewalk or yard.

Medical Aid

Deliver life-saving medical supplies ahead of ambulances.

Cameras can give medics and firefighters an eye on the situation.


Provide moving surveillance 24/7. Police drones can follow suspects/criminals without escalating situations.

Alert people to nearby dangers (fires, downed power lines, etc)