You can earn up to $500,000 by helping us reach licensees.


  • Tier 1: $500,000

    The person who directly introduces us to a licensee.

  • Tier 2: $20,000

    The person who introduced this program to a Tier 1 person.

  • Tier 3: $15,000

    The person who introduced this program to a Tier 2 person.

  • Tier 4: $10,000

    The person who introduced this program to a Tier 3 person.

  • Tier 5: $5,000

    The person who introduced this program to a Tier 4 person.

  • Tier 6: $3,000

    The person who introduced this program to a Tier 5 person.

Yes, this is based on 6 degrees of separation.


How to participate:

Share links about this program with others. This can be through email, social media, etc. That's it!

Sharing with everyone you know increases the chance that someone will be able to introduce us to a company/licensee!

Who are we interested in meeting?

The CEOs, Board of Directors, Directors of Technology, etc. of publicly traded innovative companies that can implement the system. Also, we're interested in meeting with people from SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies).

For example: Amazon, Google, Walmart, UPS, Fedex, etc.

What's considered an "introduction"?

A Tier 1 referrer will be responsible for making an introduction and setting up a direct meeting (ie. video call, in-person, email exchanges) between us and the potential licensee.

When does this program end?

This program ends on January 1st, 2022  11:59 EST. To be valid, an introduction with the licensee must have been made before this date.

How do we track referrals?

It is our intent for this to operate on an honor system. If contacted by us, each person can identify his/her/their Referrer (email, social media username, etc).

This is to make it easier for you to share the program without the hassle of signing up for an account. And we don't hold any personal info unlike other companies (the exception is when we need to contact you to receive your earning and to identify your referrer, of course).

When do you receive referral fees?

Within 2 weeks after completion of agreement with a licensee and all other conditions are met, we will ask the licensee to identify their referrer ("Tier 1").

We will then contact that referrer ("Tier 1") to ask about their referrer ("Tier 2"). We continue this process until we either reach a Tier 6 person, reach the last possible Tier (for example if a Tier 4 person knew about this program from directly from us ), or we cannot reach a referrer.

Is there a limit?

Referral Limits: None. You can share with as many people as you want!

Referrer Limit: Only one person will be considered your referrer (introduced you to this program).

Referral fees: Limit one Tier fee for each licensee.
So if you helped us get 2 licensees, you can earn 2 referral fees.

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Video Link: