Rising Above the Competition

Main Advantages


With our system, drones are “stuck” on the rails, so they can’t crash during malfunctions or inclement weather.


Cameras aren’t necessary for a drone to travel on the tracks.

Low Noise

Little to No Buzzing. How? Motorized wheels drive the drone, not its propellers.


Drones rest their weight on the track (payload included). This means less energy usage. Reusable boxes cut down on waste.

Custom, Personalized Delivery

Delivery on Your Terms

Instead of catering to a company’s schedule, deliveries can be determined by you. Bye bye porch pirates.

You decide the schedule, the place, and the method.

Free Shipping, Free Returns

A 41 cents fee means everyone can afford to ship their own packages.

Returns are also the same price and super easy: just drop it off at a locker.

Just the Right Temperature

Our reusable boxes are also temperature regulated.
So whatever you ordered arrives at the perfect temperature.

Organized Travel

A million drones would need more than just obstacle avoidance software, they need organization. And that’s exactly what the track system provides.

Deliver more than Packages

Innovative Advertising

Introducing “flying ads”. Hire drones to fly your ads on our boxes at certain times and specific places/roads/paths. Great for flash sales and events!

Medical Supplies

Medical drones can deliver life-saving supplies. They allow emergency personnel to monitor situations and determine the best course of action.

Security and Emergency

Specialized drones provide 24/7 surveillance and can alert people to nearby dangers (downed power lines, flooded areas, nearby fires, etc.)

Other drones can aid law enforcement with following suspects without a chance for escalating situations.

Want to See How It Works?

Go to our “How It Works” page to see videos and more!

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