We’re working to bring a safer and cheaper drone delivery system to the masses.

Safety First

Putting people first

Using our patented system, drones can only enter/exit the rails when the attachment is in a specific orientation.

Urban Flight

Organized Travel Paths

In a dense city, the only way to handle millions of drones is to restrict their travel to designated paths. Like roads for cars, organized travel is a necessity.

The tracks are suspended above existing roadways and sidewalks.

Delivery Methods

Personalized to your Schedule and Preference

Locker Pickup

Drones deliver your package to a locker of your choosing. Pick up at your leisure or order a rover service.

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Personal Courier

 A courier picks up a package from the locker and drops off or hand-delivers packages to the addressee.

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Curbside Pickup

A drone travels to the street you designate. When you arrive, the drone lowers the package to you.

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Super Easy Returns

Send it back as quickly and easily as you received it.

Simply place the items you want to return in one of our boxes, fill out the online form, and drop off the box to any locker location where a drone picks it up.